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Epix Now is an over-the-top subscription streaming service from Epix available online and through apps for Android tablets, phones and Android TV devices, Apple iOS and Apple TV devices, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. In February 2018, MGM announced plans to launch an OTT streaming service to be sold directly to non-subscribers of the linear Epix service, alongside plans for 4K HDR streaming for their films on its Apple TV app (becoming the first American television network to offer its streaming film content in the format).

Epix Now was officially launched on Apple iOS, Apple TV and Android devices in February 2019; apps for Roku and Fire TV devices were launched in March, and for Android TV devices in May, 2019. Epix Now offers on-demand access to feature films from the network's content partners, a back catalog of episodes of current and former Epix original series (with new episodes being made available for streaming on their original broadcast airdate on the main linear Epix channel), documentaries produced for Epix and through its third-party content partners, and stand-up comedy and music specials. You can also go behind the scenes of your favorite TV shows to get more of what you love to watch, including interviews with the cast and crew.

Epix Now massive library includes content from numerous networks including:

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (along with content from subsidiary Orion Pictures and library product from United Artists, The Samuel Goldwyn Company, Motion Picture Corporation of America and PolyGram Filmed Entertainment), ViacomCBS-owned Paramount Pictures (along with film content from its subsidiaries Paramount Players, Paramount Animation, MTV Films, Comedy Central Films, BET Films and Nickelodeon Movies as well as library product from now-defunct units Paramount Vantage, Republic Pictures and Insurge Pictures), and Lions Gate Entertainment (along with content from subsidiaries Summit Entertainment, Grindstone Entertainment Group and Pantelion Films and now-defunct/former units Mandate Pictures, Artisan Entertainment, Codeblack Films, Mandalay Pictures, Maple Pictures, Prism Pictures and Trimark Pictures)—in addition to feature films from Samuel Goldwyn Films and Roadside Attractions.

The service also carries sub-licensed library movie products from Sony Pictures Entertainment (which includes films from Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Sony Pictures Classics, Screen Gems and Morgan Creek Entertainment, among others); Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (including content from 20th Century Studios), Warner Bros. Pictures (including content from New Line Cinema and Castle Rock Entertainment), and maintains VOD-exclusive rights to films distributed by Screen Media Films, Sonar Entertainment and Gravitas Ventures.

The service also offers live streams of all four Epix multiplex channels, and offline viewing of app content via direct download.

How to stream Epix Now outside US with Smart DNS

Smart DNS is a solution which takes the part of your Internet traffic responsible for showing your location via a dedicated US-based server and enables you to access geo-located services such as Epix Now from outside the US. Your original IP is not changed (so you can easily browse your favorite local services at the same time) and your connection speed is not affected either.

Although the solution itself is quite complex, the setup itself is easy and does not require any special skills, additional software or extra hardware. It’s available for numerous operating systems and devices. First, you have to sign up with Getflix for a 14-day free trial to test our service and register your IP in our system. Next, you need to configure either your device to work with Smart DNS or your home router if you want to allow all your home network connected devices to access the service of your choice. Now, you’re ready to watch Epix Now outside the USA.

If you happen to come across any problems with configuration or streaming, you can contact us for assistance or visit our Knowledge Base where you can find a lot of helpful articles on how to deal with Smart DNS setup. Our support is always ready to help you out if you have any troubles.

Stream Epix Now outside US using Getflix Smart VPN

An alternative solution that you can use to access geo-restricted services like Epix Now outside the USA is Smart VPN. This technology is a combination of the speed and simplicity of Smart DNS and security and anonymity of VPN.

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, redirects the whole traffic through a dedicated US server and encrypts your data, which not only keeps it hidden from the hackers or your ISP but also allows you to gain access to geo-located services at the same time. Join us, become our regular subscriber and use the most secure technology to have access to Epix Now as well as keep your sensitive data protected while accessing your banking app or sending your sensitive private email message over an open Wi-Fi network in a public area (airport, hotel, café, shopping mall, etc.).

Join Getflix, use our Smart DNS or Smart VPN servers and watch your favorite Epix Now shows wherever you are.

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