Unblock HBO Nordic outside Scandinavia

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HBO Nordic is a Scandinavian section of HBO – one of the best and biggest digital video streaming services in America. The WarnerMedia giant has a huge library of movies, shows, original films and series, stand-ups, and other great content which is only available to its local subscribers. HBO Nordic is exclusively focussed on Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland markets and, due to its geographical restrictions, is only available in those countries.

If you are traveling anywhere outside Scandinavia or have a passion for Scandinavian languages and content but live in another part of the world, you won’t be able to stream its content as your IP will be detected as not coming from the eligible area and your stream will be blocked. Unless you use Getflix Smart DNS that is.

How to unblock HBO Nordic outside Scandinavian countries with Smart DNS

Smart DNS makes your IP invisible without actually changing it. Part of your traffic which is responsible for your location is rerouted through our DNS servers making it possible for you to access Scandinavian branch of HBO to be watched wherever you are. You can still watch your local services and open your local websites without any loss in your connection speed. All you need to do is join Getflix.

Sign up for our 14-day free trial and register your IP in our data base. Next, configure your device to work with Getflix Smart DNS (it is really easy, takes a few minutes and does not require any special software or extra expenses). You can also set up your home router and allow all your devices connected to your home network to stream HBO Nordic outside Scandinavian countries. In case of any problems or questions, contact us or go to our Knowledge Base for help. Our support is always there to help you out.

Watch HBO Nordic from anywhere in the world with Smart VPN

There is one more option to gain access to geo-restricted channels like HBO Nordic. Smart VPN is a sophisticated solution which takes your entire traffic via a special server located in the country of destination which changes your IP into the one coming from this particular country opening access to geo-located service of your choice. The connection is fully encrypted, which makes it completely safe from any outside interventions.

Smart VPN is a great solution for those who need a safe and anonymous way to surf the net. If you have to access your banking app or send your confidential email, there is no safer way than Smart VPN. Being our regular subscriber gives you an opportunity to use our solutions not only to unblock HBO Nordic but also watch other geo-restricted channels and, at the same time, remain fully secured and anonymous on the Internet wherever you are.

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Get started with a 14 days free trial.

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