How to Watch ITV Player Outside UK

How to Watch ITV Player Outside UK

You can find some fantastic shows on the ITV Hub (formerly ITV Player). However, the streaming platform isn’t available for anyone living outside the UK.

But does that mean you can’t watch ITV shows? 


There’s a simple way to access the ITV Hub and watch shows as if you’re in the UK. In this post, you’ll learn how to tweak your device and bypass region locks so you can watch ITV programs right away.

Does that sound good to you?

Then let’s get on with it, shall we?

What Is ITV Hub?

The ITV Hub is a VOD (video on demand) service that features programming from ITV, ITV2, ITVBe, ITV3, ITV4, and CITV.

While there is more focus on British dramas, the ITV Hub also has entertainment and reality TV shows. As the name implies, this streaming platform serves as a hub, serving as a one-stop-shop for those who’d like to catch up on ITV shows they may have missed.

But because the ITV bought the rights to these shows specifically for those in the UK, the service isn’t available for those living outside the region.

That’s why you’ll need to bypass the region lock so you can subscribe to ITV Hub.

Why Should You Watch ITV Hub?

This is a fair question. Why not subscribe to more popular streaming services like Netflix or Hulu?

If you’re not sold on why you should consider ITV, maybe the following points could change your mind.

Reason #1: There’s Focus on British Programming

There are plenty of streaming services that feature US shows and movies. But if you want something different, ITV Hub has plenty of shows you may not have heard of before.

That makes ITV Hub a great platform for content discovery, especially for UK shows.

Reason #2: It’s Free

That’s right. ITV Hub is free to use. And yes, that means ads will pop up as you stream your shows. But for some people, that’s something they’re willing to live with.

But if you’d like to remove all ads from ITV Hub, there’s a way to do just that. 

The ITV Hub+ removes all ads and even lets you download shows on iOS. This service will set you back £3.99/month though.

Reason #3: It Keeps You Up to Date

Do you like to get quick access to the latest news about your favorite shows? Do you like being first to receive sneak peeks and juicy backstage gossips?

ITV Hub gives you all that and more. On top of shows, you get celebrity news so you’re always in the know.

The Best ITV Hub Shows

Of course, ITV Hub isn’t worth the trouble if it doesn’t have good programming. The good news is that it certainly doesn’t lack in that department.

Here are just some shows that are worth watching on ITV Hub.

Note: Due to different factors, some shows fall in and out of ITV’s lineup. Some of the shows mentioned here might not be available by the time you sign up for the service.


If mystery shows are your thing, then you’d appreciate Endeavour. In the show, the eponymous lead tries to solve the biggest murders in Oxford. 


This British thriller follows the lives of two people who set out to date only to find themselves caught in an unforeseen fallout.

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

It’s a little like Survivor but with celebrity contestants. That’s how one might describe the show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

If you’re looking for some light-hearted entertainment, this reality competition might just be your cup of tea.


Another British detective drama, Grantchester takes place in the 1950s. This show sees an Anglican priest and a detective form an alliance to solve crimes.

Britain’s Got Talent

Possibly one of the most popular talent shows to ever air on TV, Britain’s Got Talent made a name for itself over the years.

And now, you can enjoy series 14 and find new talent to root and cheer for.

Watch as they battle each other on stage to prove they have what it takes to reach the finals and come out as the grand winner.

Bonus: According to Esquire, all of Euro ‘96 will be on ITV Hub. If you’d like to see classic football matches, this is a welcome addition.

The show is no longer what it once was as the acts just getting bigger and more amazing by the episode. 

Subscribe to ITV Hub to get access to these shows and more. We’ll show you how you can get ITV Hub even if you’re not in the UK right now.

How to Watch ITV Hub Outside the UK

Here’s the thing about watching ITV Hub outside the United Kingdom: You don’t need to buy special equipment or download apps.

All you will need is to subscribe to a Smart DNS or virtual private network (VPN) provider like Getflix.

For those who are unfamiliar, VPN stands for virtual private network. It’s best known for securing your activity online. However, you can also use it to bypass regional blocks that prevent you from accessing services like iTV Hub.

Once you’re subscribed to Getflix, you can configure your DNS settings to get iTV Hub to work on any of the devices you plan on using.

If that sounds complicated, rest assured that it’s not.

We’ll walk you through the process.

Step #1: Subscribe to a Getflix Free Trial

Getflix has a 14-day free trial for first-time users. It doesn’t require you to enter your credit card details. All you’ll need is an active email address.

After you enter your email address, check your inbox. Getflix will send you a confirmation email. Click the specified link in the email to finish the registration.

Once complete, you will have access to the Getflix dashboard.

Step #2: Locate Your DNS Server

From your dashboard, check your IP Address Status. Unless something unforeseen happened during the setup stage, your IP address should be labeled as registered.

Do note that your IP address could change over time depending on your ISP provider. If that happens, there a force update button that you could press to restore the connection.

Next, scroll down a bit and you should find your DNS status.

Unlike your IP address, your DNS settings should not be configured at this point. 

Here’s how you update your DNS settings.

You need to find the DNS server closest to your region/country. Here’s a list of DNS servers you could use. If you live near Spain, for example, then you should use as your DNS server.

Step #3: Change Your DNS Server

You have two options. You can change the DNS server through your router or change the DNS server on every device you intend to use.

What’s the difference?

Updating your router will ensure that any device connected to it can access iTV Hub. This is the more convenient route. However, those who are not familiar with their router settings might find this process inconvenient. But if you plan to update your DNS through your router, consult your user manual as every brand is different. 

The easier method would be to change the DNS settings on your device.

Getflix has guides on updating your DNS server whether it’s for macOS, Apple TV, Android, Xbox, Playstation, and more.

For now, we’ll show you how to update the DNS server on Windows computers.

Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.

Go to View Your Active Connections and click Connections. If you’re using Ethernet, your connection will show Ethernet. Those who use WiFi will see Wireless Network Connection instead.

In the window that will pop up, click Properties.

This will trigger another window to open. Open the Networking tab. From the list of connections, look for Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

Once selected, click Properties.

Go to the General tab. You should find a field labeled Use the Following DNS Server Addresses. There, you’ll see two empty fields.

In the Preferred DNS Server field, enter the DNS server you selected (the one closest to your location). If you found another DNS server that’s also near you, you can enter it on the Alternate DNS Server field.

Once finished, click OK.

That’s it. You should now have access to iTV Hub. Go back to the Getflix dashboard and check your DNS status to confirm.

Step #4: Activate Your VPN (Optional)

If you skipped the free trial and signed up for a Getflix plan straight away, you should have the option to activate your VPN.

Turning on your VPN not only secures your activity online, but it also prevents cybercriminals, ISP providers, and government agencies from tracking your movements while browsing the web.

It’s an additional layer of security that will give you peace of mind.


Sign up for a Getflix 14-day free trial today so you can enjoy everything iTV Hub has to offer.

Even if your trial runs out, Getflix has one of the most affordable plans with a one-month subscription costing $4.95/month. Of course, the longer you subscribe, the more you will save.

Getflix lets you enjoy iTV Hub (and other UK streaming services) from anywhere in the world so it’s worth investing in.

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